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There is a contractor locator on this site. Call a local professional, pay their fee, and they'll "help" you. We cannot assist with DIY, and this kinda sounds like DIY to me. Toocool has already hinted at the problems heading your way with this "install" job. Go ahead and call the "company" you bought this from and demand they supply an "inverted loop" for this job. I dare you.....Aw heck, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU......(loved that show..)
I don't think you understand what I did. I just bought the equipment. I hired a local contractor to disconnect the existing equipment. I put the the coil in the attic and did the ductwork and drain plumbing. Then the contractor came back and hooked everything up and started it up. I already asked him about the loop. I was just looking for a second opinion.