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It is probably because they don't have a dealer program. They basically just buy and sell the equipment. That is what the Johnstones around here do. They aren't very good in terms of support. They are a general parts house, not a distributor. As a consequence, they just aren't set up to support you the way that they should. Johnstones in my area have been responsible for the downfall of some name brands because of the fact that they sell equipment to ANYONE and offer no support or training. As a result, all the hacks buy their equipment from them, that equipment goes in incorrectly, the units do not run the way they should and the brand gets a bad name. The issue of course isn't the equipment but the fact that johnstone is willing to sell to anyone with money and offers no training or support. You should get your equipment from a real distributor instead of a parts house. Of course JS is a franchise and each one is run differently... this does not apply across the board. I know some Johnstones that participate in dealer programs and are very good but that seems to be more of an exception to the rule than the standard. Good luck
Sounds about right based on my level of support I have received.

What particularly troubling is they move a lot of Goodman and they DO provide good support for the Goodman buyers.