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Thread: Economic Winds

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    Quote Originally Posted by netsalt View Post
    Of course everyone knows that all the federal offices in DC have fireplaces in them to burn money, so it is most certainly wasted.
    Now that I believe. Just like Obama having a nice game of Drones over Mesopotamia with his joystick in hand.
    Governments don't tax to get the money they need, governments will always find a need for the money they get. Ronald Wilson Reagon

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    Quote Originally Posted by bb View Post
    Oh! , Like giving tons of money to third world dictatorship countries that hate us? Yeah it goes into somebody elses pockets allright.

    Money for domestic departments gets handily wasted because the way those departments work is that if they don't waste the excess money in their budget by the end of the budget term they know that their budget may be reduced. So some departments intentially waste office equipment, computers etc as to say they don't have enough operating budget in the future.
    But that same money that buys furniture and stuff causes someone to be employed and a business owner or an investor to make a profit. And from there these people take the dollars and spend it or invest it in the economy also. The only way the dollars get lost is if they go out of country but then again that happens with money whether it originally came from government or not. If the government gave the money to the store clerk or the business owner directly or traded it for products and the dollars went to the clerk or business owner, the economy is still boosted.
    Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference. —Mark Twain

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