Hi all:

I'm having a strange problem with my upstairs and downstairs heatpumps. The house is on Smith Mountain Lake in SW Virginia (humidity?) and when the weather gets cold (freezing or just above) both of our outdoor heat pump condenser units are freezing over. I've posted on that "other" forum and received some good suggestions but none have panned out. I also had a local HVAC company (the original installer of the system) come check it out. He replaced one defrost board and set both to 30 min defrost cycle. No joy. So I'm looking for a Forum Pro that is in the Smith Mountain Lake area. The closest on the HVAC Talk map is over 50 miles away, so I don't think it would be practical to have them come all that way to diagnose (and hopefully repar) the problem. Are there any Forum Pro's that might be closer and able to help?