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Thread: need some help

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    need some help

    I have a customer who has several wells countertop deep fryers with the automatice lift baskets.

    Model is F-68

    We keep having an issue with the timer motor going bad on the relay clock that controls the dropping and lowering of the baskets. Purchasing one of the parts from the mfg is rather expensive. I noticed on every failure the only thing to go bad is the timer motor. All contacts and switches function as designed. Was wondering if someone know where I could find just the timer motor for replacement.

    The motors keep failing because of being so close to the frypot and are overheating. What I want to do is relocate each one to the hood to get them away from the heat. At least that is one idea i have. If anyone else has any ideas please let me know. The clock operates off of 240v which is wired to timer clock and com on relay. There is NO and NC on relay as well. NO sends other leg of power to clock and basket motor. when time is up NC sends power to basket motor to lift it back up. Pretty basic, but I need to try and get the timer motor from the heat to prevent these failures.

    If anyone else has any ideas or any experience with this please give me your advice.

    I am attaching pics of the timer motor and relay.

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    Although I am sure you noticed, but the info for the timer motor is on the pic attached.


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    I would try installing a computer exhaust fan (it wont last in grease) or wrapping motors or fryer well in heat shield insulation.
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    How long did the original motor last? Have they been taken out by the heat all along? If they have, contact the manufacturer and make them aware of this. If the original timer motor lasted years, you have to look at why this problem developed. What evidence do you have that it is the heat taking out these motors?

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