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    JCI FX-60 Queue Full Exception

    I am at a new customers site and he has an FX-60 which is performing very poorly. I looked at the station output and see the following:

    at javax.baja.util.Queue.enqueue(
    at javax.baja.util.CoalesceQueue.enqueue(CoalesceQueu
    at com.tridium.basicdriver.BBasicNetwork.postWrite(BB
    at com.tridium.jcin2.point.BJciN2ProxyExt.write(BJciN
    at javax.baja.driver.point.Tuning.write(
    at javax.baja.driver.point.Tuning.process( )
    at javax.baja.driver.point.BTuningPolicyMap$Backgroun dThread.process(
    at javax.baja.driver.point.BTuningPolicyMap$Backgroun

    I saw that the tuning policy was set up with the min/max write times at 0. The stale time is at 0 also. The write on start, write on up and write on enabled are all set to false. Is there any way to find out what is causing this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Update. I went through all 50 controllers on the trunk and found a problem with the VMA's. About 1/2 of the VMA's had points faulted in the FX-60 and upon further investigation, I found that the points didn't exist in the configuration. As soon as I deleted these points ( about 60 total ), the queue errors stopped.

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