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    House AC frozen up

    Hello, Thanks for this great forum

    The AC pipe from my outside unit had ice around it this morning. I looked inside the unit below the fan and there was ice at the very bottom of the unit on the pipes, coils and cement slab. It was 72 degree this morning.

    There is is no air being sucked through the intake where the filter is inside the house. The air is still blowing out of the system vents throughout the house but it is slowly coming out of the vents with very low pressure. When I turn the AC off and just turn the fan on it's the same result, air blowing at a very low pressure. I turned everything off and am going to let it thaw while I am at work. The air filter in the unit was pretty dirty at the time.

    The AC was set on about 68 and it was cycling, not running non-stop

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? I usually am a real handy man but am not too familiar with HVAC. Thank you for any suggestions.

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    Run your indoor blower on continuous to help thaw this coil. Make sure filter is kept clean and stay away from 1" thick pleated air filters. If it continues to freeze up, then call a reputable service company. Usually a dirty or restrictive filter is problem. Pleated filters are very restrictive and also plug up very quickly.

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    actually, USUALLY, it's someone installed a filter still in the bag... air does not flow through plastic!
    but yeah, if the filter is plugged, or too restrictive, it'll slow air too much, and cause a freeze.
    what's the outside temp overnight where you are? if it gets below 60F that can cause the coil to freeze also!
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