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    When architects get inspired we get this...

    Picture #1 Cute hallway. This house is full of wooden artistic novelties so I passed the doors looking for a utility closet in this renovated attic. Owner pointed out the handiwork of an unknown architect as I came walking back. Behind door #1 a horizontal right furnace discharging combustion back to the left. In door #2 we have our filter and humidistat. Door #3 is a manual zone damper. Unidentified, of course. In picture 5 we have our blower cabinet, behind the PVC... How I HATE when the combustion is run this way.

    The whole point of the visit was to see if the humidifier was working. It was, mechanically. Picture 6 is behind the pad. Maybe others have had experience that tells them otherwise, but I don't see how this is good for introducing moisture into the airstream. Every time I've seen this sort of restriction there have been complaints. Maybe it works and I'm missing something. Its annoying.

    As it goes, the installation of the system looked good. I mean of course, that which I could see through the gaps between the wall and cabinet. Part of me wants to believe the installing contractor gave fair warnings and did his best. Once that wall went up they became committed to this system which the current home owners aren't happy about. Either way, where I should have spent forty minutes doing a simple maintenance, I instead spent slightly longer than that looking for the gas cock (through an unseen door #4).
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