Hi guys, I'm new here (of course) and I have a couple of questions from anyone who has had experience or some knowledge with the Local 777. Now, I'm doing a career change, meaning I went to UCONN for my first semester before ever figuring out that I'm not about that life. I like working with my hands and doing hands-on learning and have looked in to becoming a HVAC apprentice (eventually journeyman then master). My questions are:

1. How many applicants apply to the local 777 apprenticeship program? Is there a number or reference?

2. Is there a school that, if accepted into the program, the Local 777 will send their apprentices to? Like, a trade school here (i.e. Porter and Chester, etc) or are the classes held in their facilities?

3. If I don't get accepted into the program, are the trade schools here in CT worth it?