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Maybe it's just who we deal with but the Mitsu service tool is like 300 bucks and the Daikin was some incredible dollar ammount.
The Daikin service tool also works as a stand alone data logger, comes with an external rechargeable battery pack, and has a variety of plugs for testing any of the sensors in the system.
For $300, I'm guessing the Mitsubishi one is just an interface between the equipment and a PC.

I'd rather Daikin made one that is just a PC to equipment interface. I don't really need the sensor test functions, and I can just leave a cheap laptop on site to data log for a couple of days. I've got a netbook paperweight that would be perfect for that.

Fujitsu has the right idea. Their PC to equipment interface is just a cable and some software, very slick looking software.

For real. But reading the litterature for the equipment would be no fun if these were US products , lol.
Always entertaining...

I'm pretty good at translating Engrish to English in real time, but I do occasionally have to stop and reread stuff.
I haven't installed any of the equipment from actual Chinese manufacturers, but I've read the installation and service manuals for some, and found it WAY worse than the ones from the Japanese manufacturers.

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Mark, have you been to the Daikin service class in Dallas? Boss was researching sending us to it.
It's only a 30-45 minute drive for me, so I've been to the installation and troubleshooting classes for everything but the Altherma system.