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Anthony what do you mean will take time to get used to? I put two sensor on pipe two hoses bam pressures and SH SC. No?

I guess I know what my problem is I'm afraid it will break and ill hear the I told ya!

How fragile is a DC for real life? Can it handle Canada cold -25 ?
on the digi cools that handles are on the front 1/4 turn alot faster and better. your used to turning it several turns. also since they are on the front you will be reaching on the sides looking for the handles even though they are in your face. thses are things that got me. im just speaking from my experience.
also since analog is all i knew i was was so used to seeing the needle move around now i dont see the needle you see the digital number show up. sometimes ill forget to change the refrigerant type, these are all basic things that you will get used to but once ive used them several times you get better at it. at first they were a pain because i wasnt used to all the functions. it will take me time to read all the numbers and see whats going on. but in the end i prefer the digitals. they are more accurate, i always bought all my own tools. most companies supply you with some chinese bullsh*t then when it breaks they get upset and talk crap. i rather not hear there mouth so i try to buy quality tools myself.