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    Hmm M-Tools License?

    I was told by a JCI Tech that they only sell M-tools software to end users and that he can get a $50,000 dollar reward if he finds any unauthorized programs on anybody's computer. I know that you can buy the discs in numerous places but will it have to be registered with JCI to be completely legal? Couldn't find any info on the website.

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    I have never of any fines for the M-Tool. I purchased my CD along with Excalibur through RSD in California who is a Authorized Distributor of Johnson Products.

    He's crazy!

    But I am still learning and looking for a new mentor.
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    M-Tools has been available for years through the distribution channels.
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    M tools is available for sale most anywhere you look for it. I don't recall ever having a license for it. Here is where i got mine a while back ago.

    That JCI guy you spoke to must have a H**d on for contractors.
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    His intent was clearly to intimidate. Didn't think it was prudent to start a big debate. I realize that most folks buy the CD and that's that but wasn't sure if others had been threatened by Branch employees. He seemed to have the statute memorized. You can buy metasys field controllers all day long so obviously the national doesn't have a problem with it. I also believe that ABCSs and others can attend their DX9100 training courses.

    I think they are starting to catch on that the old model of keeping a stranglehold on their customers is not as effective as it used to be. A JCI instructor for a class I attended said that the branches were going to start selling Jaces. But that was last April. Don't know if they got that ball rolling yet.

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