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Thanks, Hurt. There are videos of the Cream reunion on Youtube. The songs are all slower than the recorded versions but they still drive. The videos inspired me to try to get my band to play Toad.

I took a lesson from the college drum prof two weeks ago. He suggested I play along with some jazz recordings and focus on just the ride cymbal to make all the beats a consistent volume. It's been a long time since I did a "play along" but it really helps me make my accompanyment smoother and more comfortable for the lead players. Practicing is almost as much fun as playing out.

So - what do you guys practice? Is there a drum book you enjoy working in? Any patterns that you're digging currently?

I'm working on 5's. rlrrl repeat. Start on beat 4 and you'll land on 1 after 5 beats.
I also like Steve Smith's video lesson from a few years ago. I like his analysis and I can't help but admire his relaxed, smooth form.
I have the DVD. Sorry - I accidently misled you. I'm a solo six stringer who barely has time to play anymore. But I could still find my way through few Cream and Blind Faith numbers no matter how bad my hands hurt.