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I have been noticing similar issues last season with my dvn22 micron gauge . i actually use the 3/8 hose directly from vac pump to suction side of condenser valve with appion core tool hooked up, then the micron gauge hooked directly to another appion core tool on high side of condenser

So after reaching desired micron reading i close ball valve on suction side and wait.. all seems fine but after i then close ball valve on micron gauge core tool it immediately rises and fast,, makes me think theres a leak in the micron gauge..

I spoke in depth to aJB engineer at the expo about this and he says he doesnt think theres anything wrong with gauge long as it doesnt rise past 9000/1(whatever that means in English ) and says its normal for some rise due to moisture etc just like a system/.

im not sure i believe him but this thread along with my issues is making me not trust this micron gauge and others ive owned in the past.

feedback?? letys continue this conversation as it can help a lot in the field..the good thing is he told me to test with a tank like this thread suggests and see what the actual rise stops at, if i still feel its faulty he promised to pay for me to send it back and they will re calibrate and test for free even if its out of warranty..
My JB does the same thing when valved off by itself. Works great. Had it for years still kept in its original plastic case inside a meter bag. I think it goes back to once you valve it off by itself there is too little volume in the core tool and gauge to hold a vacuum.