Idiots In The Neighbourhood:
> >
> >i Live In A Semi-rural Area. We Recently Had A New Neighbour Call The
> >township Administrative Office To Request The Removal Of The Deer
> >sign On Our Road. The Reason: "too Many Deer Were Being Hit By Cars" And
> >didn't Want Them To Cross There Anymore.
> >
> >this One Was From Kingman, Ks.
> >====================================== =========================
> >idiots In Food Service:
> > >
> > >
> >my Daughter Went To A Local Taco Bell And Ordered A Taco. She Asked The
> >person Behind The Counter For "minimal Lettuce." He Said He Was Sorry,
> >they Only Had Iceberg.
> >
> >and He Was A Kansas City Chef!
> >================================================= ==============
> >idiot Sighting:
> >
> >i Was At The Airport, Checking In At The Gate When An Airport Employee
> >asked, "has Anyone Put Anything In Your Baggage Without Your Knowledge?
> >which I Replied, "if It Was Without My Knowledge, How Would I Know? He
> >smiled Knowingly And Nodded, "that's Why We Ask."
> >
> >happened In Birmingham, Ala.
> >========= ================================================== =========
> >idiot Sighting:
> >
> >the Stoplight On The Corner Buzzes When It's Safe To Cross The Street .
> >was Crossing With An Intellectually Challenged Coworker Of Mine When She
> >asked If I Knew What The Buzzer Was For. I Explained That It Signals
> >people When The Light Is Red. Appalled, She Responded, "what On Earth Are
> >blind People Doing Driving?!"
> >
> >she Was A Probation Officer In Wichita, Ks
> >================================================= ====================
> >idiot Sighting:
> >
> >at A Good-bye Luncheon For An Old And Dear Coworker Who Was Leaving The
> >company Due To "downsizing," Our Manager Commented Cheerfully, "this Is
> >fun. We Shou Ld Do This More Often". Not A Word Was Spoken. We All Just
> >looked At Each Other With That Deer-in-the-headlights Stare.
> >
> >this Was A Bunch At Texas Instruments.
> >================================================= =====================
> >idiot Sighting:
> >
> >i Work With An Individual Who Plugged Her Power Strip Back Into Itself
> >for The Life Of Her Couldn't Understand Why Her System Would Not Turn On.
> >
> >a Deputy With The Dallas County Sheriff's Office No Less.
> >================================================= =====================
> >idiot Sighting:
> >
> >when My Husband And I Arrived At An Automobile Dealership To Pick Up Our
> >car, We Were Told The Keys Had Been Locked In It. We Went To The Service
> >department And Found A Mechanic Working Feverishly To Unlock The Driver's
> >side Door.
> >as I Watched From The Passenger Side, I Instinctively Tried The Door
> >and Discovered That It Was Unlocked. "hey," I Announced To The
> >"it's Open!"
> >to Which He Replied, "i Know - I Already Got That Side."
> >
> >this Was At The Ford Dealership In Canton, Mississippi!
> >================================================= ===================
> >*and They Walk Among Us ... And They Are Having
> >children....................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! !!!!