Here is something that I have been working on today. I would like to ask for more opinions from the peanut gallery.
We make a torque wrench tool kit, TW-8 for use in the HVAC market. These are primarily used for properly installing DFS equipment flare connections.
Since all DFS equipment is designed and manufactured outside of the USA, (please correct me if I am wrong here) wouldn't all the flare nuts be metric?

I looked at all the similar tools on the market, they are all in metric. OK CPS says they have one in SAE but its just the imperial/SAE size closest to the metric that it actually is.
I ask this because we have some requests for a ft/lbs torque wrench. That is no problem, but what about the changeable wrench heads that fit on the end of the torque wrench?
Should they be in imperial/SAE also? If so, which sizes?

I'm thinking all the flare connections on DFS are metric........ so just leave that part of the TW-8 kit alone and just fix the ft./lbs. scale on the torque wrench body.
However, I am not sure that all the DFS flare nuts are metric, can you guys offer some advice here?

I'm getting torqued up here...