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    programmable thermostat with fan control

    Hi Everyone,
    Need some help. A long time ago I found some items. These items where programmable thermostats with a fan schedule. So I could turn on only the fan with time/days.

    Any one have some links to these?

    Thank you

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    the Honeywell 8000 has a feature called cycles the blower on and off and will run about 35% of the time

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    Homeowner here,
    Just my personal preference, is Robertshaw 9700/9800 series...with 6 programmable periods per day, including period run of the fan, or intermittent run as well.
    Hopefullt the link works.
    Not to knock Honeywell too badly since I do'nt have one, is how theirs operates on a "Cycles per hour" rather than actual temperature differential for turning the furnace on and off. With the Robertshaw, i can tell the thermostat 1.5F differential and that's what it runs within (2nd Stage @ 2F or30 min).
    Hope this helps rather than confuses.

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    Any Honeywell VisionPro will work, you can program the blower to do diffrent things..


    6am Fan On
    8am Fan Circ
    5pm Fan ON
    10pm Fan Auto

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