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    gas meter identification

    Does anyone have a cheat sheet for how to know the capacities of different gas meters. Our utility wants us to call them on every job and then wait 2 days for a callback to find out if the meter can handle the load we have. This is mainly for when we're adding generators or on demand water heaters. I realize there still could be issues with the supply line, but I would just like to be able to tell them for sure if there gas meter is too small or not, on the initial visit.


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    Ac250 meter (which is almost all there is around here is good for 350,000. All I got sorry

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    Probably only the gas co can say for shure lots of variables. Even then the customer side of the plumbing may not be up to it.
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    whats the main pressure?

    whats the metered pressure, whats the service reg model#, body size and orifice?

    its not that simple. too bad you gas co doesnt respond faster. but they are the best to determine capacity
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