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    Help Find Part

    I have an under the counter Ice-o-matic model IceU060 ice machine. It was give to me by a church in return for me to fix the cabinet where the machine came from. It had quit working and they got a repairman to check it out, the the bearing on the water pump was frozen up, he told them it would be better for them to buy a new machine than to repair this one, that he couldn't find a bearing and a new pump was more than he would suggest spending. I contacted the repairman and got the old pump. I had a bearing to replace the frozen up one with, but the repairman had discarded the bearing housing and fan that went on the pump. I am looking for an old pump that I could get the bearing housing and fan from rather than buying a new pump for $. Ser# E201-00841-Z for the Machine and the part number for the pump is 1011337-31. The pump fan part number is 1011337-30 and the bearing housing is right below the fan. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ddozier
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