Greetings all, This is my first post.

I currently own a ClimateRight (CR-2550) It is just not powerful enough. I need the heating capacity of the more powerful CR-7000 (cooling=7000BTU/heating=7500BTU), but this model does not have the auto switching controller I need. It has both modes but has to be manually pressed for heating or cooling.

So I guess my first question would be...would i be able to install my own controller (relatively easily) in the more powerful model?

Second and more prefferably...Are there other units that meet this heating/cooling capacity requirement and also have inlet and outlet ports to connect vents to?

Operation requiremtents:
-unit can only be outside
-can only connect to room via 6'' (approximate) diameter duct

I know this might be in the wrong Topic. maybe needs to be in controls section??? but any help would be much appreciated as I need to source something soon.

Thanks for all your help and I am sure glad there is a website dedicated to this stuff!