I have a Bryant heat pump with aux heat. This is a new house for us and I don't know its history. Our thermostat has been set on 68 all the time this winter. However, when I get up in the morning the thermostat reads 65. I checked the air coming out of the vents and it was 100+. Then few minutes later I felt a cold draft. It was coming from the vent. I checked the temp and it was pushing 63 degree air.

My thoughts are either the aux heat strips are malfunctioning or there is some sort of cycle setting that is wrong. Either way I'm still worried that the air it's pushing when the aux heat is off is so low. This leads me to believe there is outside air getting in. Another possibility could be the air handler is located in the basement which is over a crawl space and is not heated. The basement is insulated on all sides but it does get cold down there.

Outside temp this morning was 20 degrees.