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    Newbie to the trade

    Hi everyone. This is my new career and I like it already. Living in south Florida I will always have a job and thanks to HVAC-Talk I have some were to go for support.

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    Good luck out there.

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    Welcome to the trade, I did my first service call in 1973, I did my most recent one last night at 9pm. I still enjoy it !! I hope you have a rewarding and fun career!
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    The company you keep can make or break your attitude and enjoyment of this very rewarding career. Avoid small family owned companies not all but a large part of these will run you to the point of incompetency and move on to the next. Find a starting point if possible that will help nurture and build your future. Good luck

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    Welcome BigTroy. I am also new to HVAC. I like it. Im located in Orlando Fl. Plenty of work here...

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    Hey Troy, welcome to the site... Lots of useful information here. Not many of us Florida folks though. I am in Palm Beach where are you?

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    Welcome aboard and hello from Tampa!
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