4 men were discussing how smart their dogs were. The 1st man was an engineer who said his dog could do math. His dog was named "T-square" and when he was told to draw a square, circle, or triangle, the dog could with no sweat. The accountant said his dog was better. His dog, "Slide Rule", was told to fetch a dozen cookies, bring them back, & divide them into piles of 3, which Slide Rule did with no problem. The chemist agreed those 2 were smart but his dog, "Measure", was even better. If Measure was told to get a quart of milk, and pour 7 ozs. of it into 10 oz. glasses he could without fail. All 3 agreed they had brilliant dogs. They turned to 4th guy who was a union member to ask his story. "My dog is named 'Coffee Break' & I'll show ya what he can do." Upon snapping the fingers of the Union worker's fingers, Coffee Break ate the cookies, drank the milk, **** on the paper, screwed the other 3 dogs, & claimed he hurt his back doing so. He then filed a grievance report for unsafe work conditions. He also put in for Workmen's Comp and left for home on sick leave.