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    Start a new thread, get logged out while typing?

    Now I'm not the fastest typer, but I get er done.
    Several times while logged in and typing a long thread, when I go to "submit new thread", I'm told I'm not logged in, after logging in I lose my whole post!!!!!!!
    I read a similar complaint but, in his case he walked away from the computer to read a manual, when he returned to continue he was logged out. I understand the 15 or 20 minutes of inactivity will log you out, but in my case I was typing for more than 30 minutes, does that constitute inactivity?
    Please tell me I'm not alone , LOL

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    This one item is the most talked about on the Admin email. I know, I answer around 50 a day for one reason or another.

    Here's your answer...

    Log out. Log back in and be sure to use the "remember me" click box. This way you will not be auto-logged out due to inactivity.


    Why is it like this? If we didn't have a auto-log out feature then our membership count showing on line members would be out of site. This can be seen at the bottom of the main forum page. The timer is set to 20 minutes. When you log out, you log out, but most don't log out they close their browser on a computer. On smart phones people never log out they just change apps and go on. The app browser can stay logged in for days or months at a time. When you use the "remember me" click box you will stay logged in but you must control your browser AND your smart app. Close your browser apps or your buddies will think you sleep here.

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    Very informative.
    I wasn't aware of any of the behind the scenes details you explained

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