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    Slip stream boiler sizing for freeze protection?

    Need help sizing a slip stream boiler that will be used to provide freeze protection in a ground-source geo loop. I know the design load and flow rate of the field, fluid will be 100% water, Midwest location and no part of the loop piping is exposed above ground. Is there a formula or rule of thumb that applies here?


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    Condensing boiler success with IBC and ask for US rep JP A on line ibc boilers.

    share heat of absorption required at ~ 35 ew to your system (37 highest) that you can obtain BTUH from your OEM.
    ... however, much work still needs to be done.

    CLOSED LOOP 2015 listed EER's over 34 EER "blended from low to high variable speeds" for 32deg.F ~ E-Star

    Perhaps you need a 32F Chiller/HW-Heat: buy a GTHP

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