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    Best way to handle graphics between JACE and Supervisor.

    I have a customer who needs graphics on the JACES and on a central supervisor which has multiple buildings on it. What do you think is the most efficient way of doing this? Virtuals, Supervisor auto configure/export tags, file import? I have messed around with all of these, but none seem perfect or capable of auto updating, if graphic is changed from one side.

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    Are they acutally using the Supervisor as a Supervisor? If not, install all of the graphics on the JACEs. If they access them from a differenct computer they will really appreciate it. We have one set up as a Supervisor with all of the graphics for a building that has 4 JACEs. It is a pain for some when that computer is down and they don't have access to the graphics. It can be very hard for some to just find the schedules.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chadtech View Post
    I have messed around with all of these, but none seem perfect or capable of auto updating, if graphic is changed from one side.
    When using export tags, you can't edit a graphic from both sides.....When the PxTag gets sent up to the server, it's properties are frozen and it can only be edited in the subordinate JACE from which it is served up from. As far and "auto-updating" after a change is made, if it doesn't update on the server side, you might have to initiate a "join" for it to update.

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    We've had sucess with export tags. This way you can house the graphics on both the Jace and the Web Sup. If the Web Sup goes down, then you can access the Jace directly for the graphics.

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    Not too much trouble finding a reliable 'server farm' for the AX Supervisor's home. If you want to go that way the attached PDF shows a example of the Px file structure. For me, best to have only one master graphic DB. Keeping track of Px updates between JACES and AX Supvr sounds like 'anti-technlogy', definitely 'anti-people', 'anti-productive'.

    Another benefit of going central - with all the JACEs sending facility data to a central server (aka AX Sup'vr), that data could be use for other applications (eg, web-site or maybe an industrial handheld app - oooh).

    Obviously hand-held devices are the pits for viewing plant graphics. But why can't key plant data be viewed like 'Albums' & 'Song's like we see on the iPod. Thumb the touchscreen and the "Plants" slide down (the 'Albums'); select a Plant (eg, Chillers), then sub-Plant (Chiller 2A), then the Points (the 'Songs'). I've seen control PMs conduct multiple job coordination/direction with his smarty-pants phone - just siting in a single BMS control room. I'm sure the PM would love to view key plant data on his wonder smart phone.
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