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    Tracer ES Delete Building

    I am trying to delete and re-add a building in Tracer ES. The building has a Tracer SC controller with a UC600. In Tracer ES, I could see the SC Controller, but no equipment or Air Handler (UC600) Tracer SC sees both in the tree... but not Tracer ES... I did a Synchronize and still no UC600... so I decided to delete the building and re install it.

    I went to Administration, Buildings, Install Building, Selected my Building (1 of 4) and deleted it. The Building disappeared like I was hoping. However, when I go to add it back in it says...

    "Error: The IP address and UDP port combination is being used by another building. Please use a unique IP address and UDP Port combination. "

    So... although I deleted the building... it shows up still on the main page and I cant use the IP address and UDP Port any more. Any idea how to flush this old building out of the database?

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    What is the version of ES ?
    Looks like the building is still in the database. You can connect to the sql server and under database you should be able to see a folder with the building name that was not deleted. Right click > delete and upload the building again

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    Go to Tracer ES Home, then select all buildings, next page check mark the building you want to delete and hit advanced, next page hit delete

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    Bingo.... Thanks that worked

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    This navigation is not available in latest ES as this done only through the install page which makes sense. looks like you running a little old version

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    Ver 4.5... Can't get an update until Trane sells me a Software Maintenance can't license any updates past 4.5 without it... And it's all at the discretion of the local office....hopefully soon

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