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    Tridium SMS and USB Modem

    Anyone tried using the Tridium SMS driver with a Cradlepoint modem and USB GRPS modem connected to a Jace via Ethernet cable. I know about the Wyless GPRS modem to plug into the Jace, but a customer wants to use an USB modem from their current cell phone provider.

    The SMS driver manual talks about using an external modem via a serial connection but does not mention using the Ethernet ports. This Jace will not be connected to any other Ethernet/IP network, but customer wants true SMS alarm messaging not using email messaging to phone number (10 digit

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    I don't think the SMS driver will route SMS over the IP connection. In other words it just sees the Cradlepoint as a router and doesn't really know about the USB device being used for the broadband connection.

    I have used my USB air card from AT&T connected to my laptop running a station to send SMS text messages using the SMS driver. However, I am fairly sure that if you are using an embedded JACE that it would require either using the Tridium GPRS modem option card or a third party GPRS modem connected to the JACE's serial port.
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