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    Confused how to get rid of residual burnt odour?

    Had a blower motor short and burn up recently on a watersource heatpump.
    Replaced motor but tenant still complaining about the residual smell.
    whats the best way to get rid of the residual smell?

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    vinegar-plenty of it

    put it in bowls spread throughout
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    I would call someone that does professional cleaning after fires etc. and see if they can give you a suggestion. Might be you could put the customer in touch with these people as your job is done once the motor was replaced, unless you also provide remediation services.

    Depending on what is in the duct work as far as dust or even duct liner, the smell may be hard to get rid of. The stuff (depending on it's makeup) can attach to most anything and stink for a long time.
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    Try an ozone generator. My son threw up in our car after a surgery. I let one run over night in the car with the windows up and the next day it smelled like new.

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