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    Unico Smart Control Board Wiring to Aquastat - hotwater coil. Installer wired wrong?


    Spoke to Unico tech support about wiring to boiler. They can't figure out how things are working. Wiring of control board does not look like the wiring in the manual (bulletin 30-039_2010_09).

    I have a Honeywell L8148E aquastat.

    Installer also hooked up a relay from control board to aquastat. Unico is puzzled by this as well.

    Contractor out of picture because of ... like 8 issues prior to this. This is issue #9, and I've discovered this a year after install.

    So, system runs. Thermostat calls for heat, aquastat relays to circulator, and boiler fires. Unico doesn't know how it's working. Unico (and myself) have concluded installer did a lot of Unico installs for cooling and maybe not so many (if any) for heating.

    Has anyone wired the Smart Control Board for a boiler? If so, can you take a look at the picture attached and tell me if there should be two wires to the left, where the jumper is? The doc says that should be wired to an aquastat.

    All the wires, including the wires to aquastat, are at the top of the control board. They have a wire attached to S1/W2 as well. Maybe that's to the aquastat?

    I've had another contractor out looking at the system, and he was unfamiliar with the Smart Control Board and super cautious, so not much help and it cost me $350 for his consultation.

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