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    Hi. New here. Live in nj.

    I live in nj and have an old furnace. It's a rheem imperial 80 plus. Model number rgde-12erajs. It's currently 34 degrees here. Furnace has yet to work all year. It's cold in here to say the least. Had a hvac tech look at it but he was a fly by nighter who only pissed me off. Ill be looking for some troubleshooting help. Thanks in advance for the help. Mark

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    welcome, you may want to consider revisiting the rules page.
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    I'm not a hvac tech by any means but I work with my father who is a plumber. Is asking a few questions not allowed ?

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    How do you survive with out any heat in NJ?
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    Plug in oil radiators. It's costing me a fortune. I need help fixing it ASAP.

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