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    Bought a bank owned home with gas fireplace insert, has a key but can't find hole

    Wondering if anyone know where the hole to the key could be hiding. We looked everywhere that is exposed, floor and wall. Where else could it be hiding? There are also two switches on the walls nearby that don't do anything when flipped, wonder if that is a clue for anything? Found where the pilot would be turned on too, but no hole for the key...your expertise would be much appreciated, i know nothing about fireplaces. Thanks!

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    You really should have a hearth pro inspect and test fire that unit. The fact you cannot identify it much less find all the controls is a sign you shouldn't use it until you know what it is, is it suitable for use, how to use it and what maintenance is required.

    Try to post pics. Look for a rating plate detailing the make, model serial#, fuel type, etc.

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    its could be a gas valve key, which are usually in the face of the hearth.

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