Hi Folk,s
I hope 2013 has started well for everyone. I myself am blessed but ran into a real challenge today.

Let me start at the beginning:

I noticed over the last two months(Nov and Dec 2012) that my electric bill doubled. On inspection I noticed that the outside part of my unit (compressor and condenser) were not activating. I called AHS who sent out a contractor.
He told me that my thermostat was not made to handle two heaters I had a (one cold and 1 hot type thermostat).
He said I was using the electric heaters in my air handler hence the reason for the large electric bill. I needed a Thermostat that would drive both the outiside heat pump and the inside electric head coils.

I went to Home Depot and bought a Honeywell RTH2510/RTH2410 thermostat and successfully(or so I thought) installed it.
At first I activated my fan that comes with the air handler and also my outside unit. After 3 minutes or so I decided to trying cooling to see if that works (its about 70 F here today) and walked away. I hear a sort of humming and started to smell burnt electrical smells. The unit went dead before I could turn it off.

Now my unit(inside and out) will not activate at all. Nothing!

Inside unit:
Manufactorer: RUUD
MOdel: UHQA-0805BDH
SN# : H M1689 5823

Outside UNIT:
Manufactorer: Unitary Products
MOdel: XTH0124BA
SN#: EKBM355920.

I really believe I burnt out the control circuit or something.

Does anyone here have insight or suggestions on what I could/should do?