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    Quote Originally Posted by chas_md View Post
    My next step would be to delete the Java temporary files in Control Panel > Java under the temporary Internet files section (settings button) those are XP directions, win7 may be different but will be close. I'd also delete all temp files in Internet explorer. That'll force a re-download of all the jar files for Metasys

    Excellent ideas! Unfortunately those made no change to his Metasys window. It's very strange...when I double click on an item, I can see a slight shift in the window border, as if it thinks it loaded something, but there is no text visible.

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    Uninstall then Re-install Java.
    Start with the newest version and work backwards. You should only have the newest compatible Java on the PC that Metasys (at whatever version you're running) supports. For instance, you shouldn't have any Java 7... no Java 6 Update 23 for you if you're rocking 4.1, etc. If you don't know what versions are compatible let me know what version of MSEA you're running (including patch) ... for instance the newest version at this moment is 5.2.10 (5.2 w/ the 5.3 CCT/GGT1.2 patch to .10). No need to install older version of Java unless you're running a dinosaur like 2.2 were you had to have two versions installed..

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    I had a similar issue about a year ago with a site. Checked and found an updated driver for my monitor. Fixed problem instantly. Just food for thought.

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    check object category then uninstall JAVA and re-install the "old"
    version of JAVA that is needed.

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