We use Metasys at our site to view HVAC info including temps, whether units are on/off etc. One of our users has discovered that when he logs into Metasys on his desktop PC, the application launches fine, but nothing is displayed in the right hand (focus?) window. For example, if we double click on Boilers to see temps and units running, the panel on the right side remains blank - nothing displays. Normally a user is able to right click on an item in the right panel and select whether to turn it off or turn it on, etc. However, if the same user logs into Metasys on any other PC in the building it functions fine. So it does not seem to be a problem with his user configuration in Metasys. I have uninstalled Java on his desktop (he had both 6 and 7 installed) reinstalled Java, uninstalled Firefox, reinstalled Firefox and checked his monitor settings. I also checked his Firefox add-ons/plugins and don;t see anything odd there either. Nothing has worked to display the data. The graphic files of our buildings areas (under the Graphics heading) DO display however. It is only the active monitoring stats that do not display in the right side panel. Any ideas what might be causing this? We are stumped.