Hi folks, I'm a new member who just joined the forum after searching the internet and placing several fruitless calls to York.

Basically I have an old N2AHD10A06A air handler and its heat strip is dead. It takes heat strip 2HM06501006B.

This part has been hard to find, but I found a 2HM06501006D heat strip. (That's a D on the end, instead of the B that's indicated for mine.) What's confusing is that the 2HM06501006D is indicated for use with a N2AHD10A06 air handler (no A on the end of the model number, contrary to my unit.)

So, my questions are:
What's the difference between the N2AHD10A06A air handler and the N2AHD10A06?
Will the 2HM06501006D heat strip work in the N2AHD10A06A air handler?

I'm grateful for any help you folks can provide. Thanks for your time!!