I recently had a quote given to me for a Trane HP and gas furnace to be installed. I had the company come out after talking to them at a local home improvement show and the rep said they did load calculations on all their quotes. The gentalmen did not do one when he was at my house but said he could have another guy come by to talk to me about it (still waiting on a call from him a week later).

I was quoted a XV95 furnace and two HP's (XR16i,XR15). They would throw in a humidifier and whatever the lowest tstat trane has.

After doing some reading on Trane it looks as if the XR16I isn't that great at dehumidifing. Other than the obvious of lower seer numbers should I get quotes on the XB14 and XR13? All of them would be better than our current system and not looking for the most energy efficent unit.

I asked about the unit(s) he quoted being able to do "dehumidify on demand" through the tstat but he made it out like it would be allot of work. Is this true because I thought the tcon803 or Vision IQA can do that?

I didn't get it quoted but is Tranes Cleaneffect filter system that much better than a good media cabinet type? I'm sure the cost is more so is it worth the extra $$ if w don't have allergies ect?