So came across 3 of these units and went into extensive lengths with tech support about operation etc... whoever posted up 500mv is right, tech said the same thing, working on one

right now that was converted to propane and the pilot due to restriction/pressure issues exploded/released pressure after installing 2 new thermopiles polarity sensitive like explained

above just use your little mirror and reference the bottom of the valve to line up the thermopile connections. So the first two systems that I came across it was the valve and no

matter I did the led would blink normal/no error code fan would ramp up and on and nada. So tested pressure/mv/valve/remote to no avail nothing. Called tech to verify what

I did and it was pretty much a expensive conversation which bummed me out, who wants to tell a customer that the valve is no longer available and that you'll have to do a complete

change out valve/pilot assembly or get a new unit? So this system that I am working on now was pretty surprised that is was in working order until the pilot hood blew. Initally when I

showed up the system had servere sooting/no visible signs of pilot tube/hood failure when I let it sequence for 20 minutes heard a loud pop and a small fire under the pilot cap where

it was not suppose to be): Haven't went back to perform the whole assembly change out because their supply pressure to that unit and another lennox in the bedroom were off and

they are waiting for the propane supplier to bump it up/check out the issue. So my opinion on this system is that they f'ed up on putting a remote/board/valve all in one. Who wants

to just go off a LED light to change thermopiles, change them and still back at square one. So going to have that cut your losses talk with the homeowner before I order the part, and

let them make the choice to invest in the old system or a new one.