Good morning everyone,
I'm pondering how to better inform my filter change intervals on my furnace. I have an 80k Trane XV80 with a 3.5 ton AC, and a 16x25 Honeywell F100 air cleaner. I do not have manometers or the knowledge/skill to use them to measure the ESP, but I do have access to some sophisticated power measuring tools, which I do know how to use properly. It seems that I could measure the power draw of the furnace and use the power & cfm vs. ESP tables in the XV80 specification to estimate ESP. I can pretty easily force the furnace to run in both the low and high stage for heat, as well as the constant fan mode which I understand delivers ~50% of the cooling CFM. No ESP data is given for that few CFM but perhaps I could extrapolate.
Figured I could measure the power in all three modes with the existing filter to estimate the total ESP, then remove it and repeat the tests without a filter to get an estimate of the pressure drop due to the filter. Then repeat again with a clean filter and see what the difference is.
This may be too DIY for the site, if so I apologize. Thought there might be enough of a science-experiment aspect to make it a worthwhile discussion.