seem a rash of intermittent liquid line solenoid valves not closing in my area at a certain chain. I got a call on one the other day too cold, alarming too low temp. Several techs been on. I am married to it now. I can easily graph suction pressure of this simple pump down system, and it's crystal clear that the solenoid is being commanded off and de energized, and suction not falling. But it's intermittent. Maybe 1X in every 20 cycles.

I rebuilt the valve with the KS Kit. The solenoid is controlled via ems, so I also moved the output to a different board point, to rule out a sticking relay maybe. When I took it apart, as the other techs also did, system clean, no deformity of the nylon seat, porting clean as a whistle. I doubt the valve body is deformed or I would suspect I would have much more "often" issues. I have seen deformed valve bodies and it just occurs to me this would happen more often. Tonnage size is correct.

I was researching google, and there was a discussion on here about the fact that sporlan has a flaw in the coil, where one needs to use a washer at the stem underneath the coil to break the residual magnetic field. I have seen this thing myself, had a washer in my van with the little official literature attached to it, but have since lost it. Does anyone here have that tech lit to send me. I just want to know the specifics, and if this may be the cause of my problem and the trends I have seen.