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    Hello from Alabama

    Hey ya'll just would like to introduce myself. My name is Charlie and I am new to the HVAC industry, I did a brief stint in parts and delivery years ago but left to follow the family calling of the Fire Department. I have recently decided to go back to school for my HVAC Technician at Baron's A&R or NARS Training Systems here in Huntsville, AL. My father has not only been a firefighter all my life but he has also been in appliances and heating and air and refrigeration all my life on his off days from the fire hall. Therefore, I guess that is my goal as well, we all need an off day job right? I have a lot of good teachers in my life and am here to learn all I can about something I never knew I had an interest in. So thanks in advance for any wisdom I can pick up here!

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    Welcome Charlie!

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    Welcome here!

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