This is my first post on this site so i would like to say hi to everyone my name is Tim and thank you for the replys in advance! I have been in this field for over 5 years now and i worked as a private contractor for a single company for 4 of them years prior until i work dried up due to the owner being 60+ years old and getting tired and told everyone to go screw themselves... since there was no work i decided i needed money and went to be an employee. cant do it anymore. i talked to my previous employer and he is now retired. still working tho on jobs he wants to do turns down the rest. and he said that next year him and another hvac company want to both be done. so i want to start my own buisness in that area. i currently live paycheck to paycheck with majority of the tools i need, no van, no break but wondering how i can get started i got a workshop just need to get some finances to get it started and then it will roll on its own. so looking for some ideas on where to get some financing to get started.