Last couple weeks have diagnosed some gas valve failures on 3 of these systems. When getting parts for the change out was told the honey well valve was no longer supplied but a conversion to a SIT as well as the pilot to match. Well when got time to put it in low and behold the gas valve bracket didn't fit the new valve so fabricating the bracket to fit as well as solidly secure the valve to lower compartment.

My questions are: So on these conversions do you guys fabricate your own brackets or do you look for a parts list to find the exact bracket to that valve? Just to put it out there how long do you guys take to put in a pilot assembly and gas valve factoring in going through a couple start ups and sequence when your done? The last question what is the number one killer of gas valves and or misdiagnosis? The reason I am asking is because it seems fresh outta trade was told that compressors were often misdiagnosed and in this area of Heating gas valves probably come a close 2nd to misdiagnosis. Well have a cool one.