I just recently worked on a thermador range. Model# PD364GEBS101 Serial# 39501008365

It has 4 open nat gas burners, electric charbroiler, and convection oven underneath

It had 2 bad spark re-igniters and the convection oven would only come on briefly and would then give an error code that matches to the oven sensor not calibrated, to replace it.

I was sure about the bad re-igniters but was wary of the oven sensor. Ended up replacing both and re-igniters worked fine, but the oven was still giving same error code. The oven had not worked in over three months. Tech support could not help me because I am not an authorized service agent. Weird thing is the oven started working a couple hours after i left and has been working every since, over a couple weeks now.

My main reason for posting this is in hopes that someone can provide me with some info on this stove. wiring diagram, schematic, troubleshooting techniques, or maybe a service manual. The customer can not get an authorized service agent to look at oven and wants to use me for future calls and I would like to become a little more familiar with it.

Also if anyone knows what i did to fix the oven that would be nice also.