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    Thermador Professional series range

    I just recently worked on a thermador range. Model# PD364GEBS101 Serial# 39501008365

    It has 4 open nat gas burners, electric charbroiler, and convection oven underneath

    It had 2 bad spark re-igniters and the convection oven would only come on briefly and would then give an error code that matches to the oven sensor not calibrated, to replace it.

    I was sure about the bad re-igniters but was wary of the oven sensor. Ended up replacing both and re-igniters worked fine, but the oven was still giving same error code. The oven had not worked in over three months. Tech support could not help me because I am not an authorized service agent. Weird thing is the oven started working a couple hours after i left and has been working every since, over a couple weeks now.

    My main reason for posting this is in hopes that someone can provide me with some info on this stove. wiring diagram, schematic, troubleshooting techniques, or maybe a service manual. The customer can not get an authorized service agent to look at oven and wants to use me for future calls and I would like to become a little more familiar with it.

    Also if anyone knows what i did to fix the oven that would be nice also.


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    I only work on commercial equipment, so I've never touched a Thermador. Therefore, I can't help you with any diagrams, etc. I can only respond to your final request.

    Electronic temperature controls use temperature probes of several varieties - depending on their manufacturer's circuit design. A Type K thermocouple as one example. It's resistance varies with temperature. The control board's signal is a low voltage, so any additional probe circuit resistance, even a crimped connection such as a butt connector NOT designed into the circuit, can alter the probes accuracy to a certain degree (no punn intended). So, any additional resistance in the circuit can affect it's reading - even a weak connection to the control board or the wire harness.

    A common cause for failure (and the subsequent error code you experienced) on cooking equipment can be related probe circuit wiring or connections that have deteriorated due to exposure to a hot environment for awhile. Therefore, I always walk through the entire probe circuit to inspect for these symptoms.

    You said you replaced the probe, but it still didn't work...and then it did. In that case, if the problem reoccurs and your certain of the probe (and probe circuit's) integrity, your next option would be to replace that board.

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    Thermador is complete garbage. most likely the board is bad, they go bad anytime you look at them funny.

    I have a customer that had one go out and got the same runaround from tech support about authorized contractors only. I told this to the customer and said we could try the board or they could call someone else. Thankfully it was the board. it was the 4th breakdown of their range in 2 years

    This same customer just happened to be a custom kitchen designer, who specced over $400,000 in Thermador appliances annually. Guess which brand they no longer recommend?

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    You would think your customer would have had a lil pull with the csr. I understand if a company wants there authorized service agents to work on there equipment, but there should be exceptions to that when none of there authorized service agents are willing to come and work on it.

    I talked to the owner and service manager of a service company that are set up as authorized service agents for thermador. They are also the company I order the parts from that took two weeks to get. You would think the ASA would have quicker access to such common parts. Anyways I was asking him for troubleshooting advice and he told me that when they have service calls on them they have a number to call to have someone assist them with troubleshooting. If you are not going to take extra measures to assure your ASA is properly trained to service your equipment, then why refuse to allow an experienced tech to help your customer.

    Besides all that I am pretty sure this particular unit is still ticking or I would have heard about it by now.

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