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    Siemens 600 / Apogee To Tridium Driver By CSI (3) Cubed....

    Folks, Have you ever used the Tridium Driver for the Jace By CSI Cubed....
    Have you used it with the FX60 ?
    we have a site bidding with 350 existing Siemens VAV controllers and would like to consider this product.
    Thanks in advance

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    not a chance. It just uses the MMI port to constantly run a monitor report that it then strips into points values. If you have ever connected to an MMI port then you know how slow this can be. It would work fine for 1 or 2 panels without many points but never to do that many panels, especially over the P2 network down to P1 level.

    I would replace each of the MBC/MEC with a JACE and use the P1 driver from InfoCon to talk directly to the VAV boxes.

    The part Number is: DR-*‐IS-*‐TEC-*‐AX-*‐J6 for a FX60 but I don't find the documents on it at the moment. You would have to call them for information.


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    Jeremy is correct, it is slow. It takes 2.5s to poll a single point.

    If you need to trend 100 points, then your poll cycle is a little over 4 minutes.

    However, if all you need are points for graphics, you could have a million points, but all you need to poll are the points being viewed.

    The more connections you add, the faster you can poll points. So if you connect to two BLN controllers (really anything with that MMI port), your poll cycle gets cut in half, and so forth. The driver also allows you to put serial to ethernet adapters on your cabinets and can tunnel over IP.

    The driver has been around for quite some time, is proven and stable. You just need to be a little smarter about how you use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BostonCtls View Post
    Folks, Have you ever used the Tridium Driver for the Jace By CSI Cubed....
    I have a CSI3 running on a Jace7. The driver is able to Discover controllers on the network as well as the point data in the controllers.
    My installation is talking to 2 Sys600 MEC Cabinets. 1 is pulling 18 points (read only), and the other is pulling 2 read only points and 1 writable point (a temperature). My read only points seem to work like a champ, but the writable one freezes up after a couple of days and stops responding to changes. Sometimes reattaching the link will get it going again, but more often than not, I have to delete the point and re-discover it. I thought it was a speed thing even though my message queue is at 0, so I changed it to only send changes once every 5 min. and still have problems.

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