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    what gets pipe dope out of clothes?

    Everytime I get a new jacket or batch of work clothes, it finds me. Lurking in dark shadows of basements, and waiting to get me.
    How do you get it out of yer clothes? I know they are "work" clothes, but I hate looking like a slob. Always seems to come back, no matter I use.
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    Goop and/or brake cleaner, depending on what kind you got into.

    Some kinds you'll never get all the way out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by polar ice View Post
    How do you get it out of yer clothes?
    WD40 usually works for me.
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    Tried to post this the other day on the "Cologne in Eyes", but got into an endless loop that I wasn't logged on. Try Men's, or I guess ladies, cologne. Rub it into the spot and laundry as usual. Could get magic marker out of clothes and the Red never-seiz grease we used on towers. The PST sealing dope can only be broken down by Acetone. The Black Carhart jackets should be dry cleaned or they will rapidly fade. PS If you have compressed air in your house run a tap over to the washer, works great for pushing prespotters back and forth through stains. Do not use this method on flammables!!

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    Try the hand wipes that you buy I don't remember the brand of them but I used one to remove keytite pipe dope from my pants and they worked great. I did this before laundering them I don't know how it would work afterwards. I think they were the blue ones and manufactured by loctite.

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    gotta get the stains before the dope dries - I have used grafetti remover with success - good luck - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    Goo-gone might work

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    Yeah, WD40 gets a lot out but then ya need to wash that smell out.
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    Whats wrong with the smell?I spray wd40 under my arm pitts every morning & i smell good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbird View Post
    Whats wrong with the smell?I spray wd40 under my arm pitts every morning & i smell good.
    If WD40 makes you smell good, what do you smell like before you spray it on?

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    Pipe Dope Cure

    Belive it or not. Motor oil is the cure. We used it on drill rigs to remove the ORIGINAL pipe dope from hands clothes, etc. Just smear a bit on the stained area rub the mateerial together and launder as usual. No it is not a good deoderant but it does semove the stain...

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