Hi Guys, Dan here. We just installed an Outback 8kW VFX7248 fully off grid system for a client who also purchased and installed three Mitsubishi mini split heat pumps. The Power System is performing flawlessly. The heating systems.. not so much. The customer can light up each unit individually, but when she attempts to light up more than one, the each consecutive unit trips out on comm error. If she shuts down everything (From the breaker box) she gets the same results starting from which ever unit she first started. The HVAC guys would love to blame the solar guys (as would the lawn care guys), All my guys blame the HVAC guys. I've heard of adding caps to the 240vac input, but each unit is on its own circuit, there should not be Power Factor/ harmonic distortion issue. I'm blaming bad Sushi. Advise? Thanks db