Afternoon folks,

So I have a SL200 which has a pilot assembly that only has a pilot and thermopie no thermocoupler and your basic Robershaw valve. The tehrmostat is a hstat II remote but remote doesnt talk (even after hitting rest on box etc.)

Ok off to the dilema...
I intially had the situation where after hours / days of operation the burner and pilot would just shut off. I replaced the thermopile (no thermocoupler) and it worked for a few more days. Hearth and Fireside Home had me replace the pilot assembly and the gas valve. I worked a few more days then all shut off again. Its a direct vent which appears to work fine as it should shut down sooner than 3days if it was a venting issue.

The only thing I can think of is it was on 24x7 for 3days as I need to rplace the themostat so it may have tripped the High Heat switch? If that was the case I should have been able to get it stated after disconnecting the H heat sensor.

I'm at a loss as to why after replacing the guts it still fails.

Thank you!!!!