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    HeatnGlo SL2000 - Not Staying lit After Replaing many parts

    Afternoon folks,

    So I have a SL200 which has a pilot assembly that only has a pilot and thermopie no thermocoupler and your basic Robershaw valve. The tehrmostat is a hstat II remote but remote doesnt talk (even after hitting rest on box etc.)

    Ok off to the dilema...
    I intially had the situation where after hours / days of operation the burner and pilot would just shut off. I replaced the thermopile (no thermocoupler) and it worked for a few more days. Hearth and Fireside Home had me replace the pilot assembly and the gas valve. I worked a few more days then all shut off again. Its a direct vent which appears to work fine as it should shut down sooner than 3days if it was a venting issue.

    The only thing I can think of is it was on 24x7 for 3days as I need to rplace the themostat so it may have tripped the High Heat switch? If that was the case I should have been able to get it stated after disconnecting the H heat sensor.

    I'm at a loss as to why after replacing the guts it still fails.

    Thank you!!!!

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    This is not a DIY site. I suggest calling a professional to service the unit.

    My opinion - The gas heaters sold at big box stores are not always high quality. You may be better off buying a new unit.

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    The SL 2000 was HG's first heater rated appliance and has been out of production about 10 yrs. You could have a problem in the venting, gas supply, gaskets, etc. all of which need to be diagnosed by a qualified hearth pro. I hope you did not leave that safety switch disabled.

    You should be paying FireSide Hearth & Home to service it and they should NOT be selling you the parts. They are owned by the mfr. fyi.
    Another issue is they have a soft recall on the combustion chambers on this fireplace. Some have warped so contact HHT with model and serial #.
    As stated, this is NOT DIY work.

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    This needs to be looked at by a professional for sure.
    That being said, your high temp silicon around the venting connections may be cracked and crumbling, causing improper venting causing your pilot to go out.
    Everyday is a new day, wind factors may also be contributing to this.

    I have experienced this with the SL 2000. But I of course can't be 100% right as I am guessing this could be your scenario.

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    Hearthman, can you elaborate on the "soft recall"?

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    A "soft recall" is where the CPSC has not intervened to require and manage a formal recall but where a mfr. takes it upon themselves to try and deal with the problem quietly and discreetly. They will often send out tech bulletins to dealers asking them to look for the problem and when found their tech services dept. has pre-established guidelines on how to prosecute the claim. In some cases, the mfr. may elect to send out a repair kit with instructions at n/c asking the dealer to "fix" it. In other cases, they might tell the dealer to send in the paperwork and they'll approve a fulll replacement.

    There are a lot of units that should have been recalled but weren't because an insufficient number of them have failed to date. In these cases, a mfr. may choose to wait for the failures of a known defect weighing the probability of personal injury against the cost in present day dollars to replace vs. the value of future deflated dollars at some point down the road. This is quite common with all industries involving products liability. We are the Guinea pigs.

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